Women's Programs

Self Defense

It is not possible to learn to win a fight in one day. However, it is possible to begin to make a mind set shift from that of a victim to that of a warrior.

Students will learn how to better prevent and avoid dangerous situations. They will also be taught how to escape basic holds should an incident become unavoidable.

These programs are an excellent way to introduce new female students to martial arts.

Women's Jiu Jitsu

If your gym does not have a women's jiu jitsu class yet, it should.

Gain the tools to create a women's specific jiu jitsu program and keep it running long term.

The gym will have more female students overall and those that join will stay longer.

The level of jiu jitsu will improve among the women at the gym. It is critical that they have some matches each week with opponents closer to their size and strength.